Why Donate

It is our hope to provide each student with the best education and prepare them for the future.

By donating these are just a few of the ways you can help!

The Facts: Autism Affects 1 in 68 children, 1 in 42 are boys.

This is the fastest growing developmental disorder.

63% of individuals on the Autism spectrum experience bullying.

Only 62% of students with Autism graduate High School, 80% are unemployed.

Many students need smaller, sensory sensitive classrooms.

There is currently limited affordable private education services available, this puts a burden on families and can affect the family dynamics.

The therapies and services are costly.


Please consider how you would like to donate to our school. We are grateful for prayers, donations of time, and financial gifts of any capacity. You are a vital part in the story of “what breaks our heart” and our path toward a prosperous future for children and families of this area!

We hope that you will join in our vision as we become the only faith-based school in East Tennessee to focus on diversity in learning while enhancing relational skills.  We have submitted our application for non-profit status.  In the interim, we are partnering with Summit Leadership Foundation to be our fiscal sponsor during this start-up phase.

Please consider a gift in support of Jeremiah School…  A gift of any size can go a long way toward reaching and meeting children where they are!!

You may write a check to Jeremiah School at the following address:

Jeremiah School
P.O. Box 6024
Johnson City, TN 37602